Hot Dip Galvanized Bar Grating JG303/34.3/100FG

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  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • port of loading: ningbo
  • delivery time: 10-15days
  • certification: CE,ISO9001-2015,ISO14001 and OHSAS18001
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    Learn Steel Grating

    Steel Grating Standard

    Steel Material Standard Hot galvanizing Standard
    China: YB/T4001.1-2007 China: GB700-2006 China: GB/T13912-2002
    U.S.A: ANSI/NAAMM U.S.A: ASTM(A36) U.S.A: ASTM(A123)
    U.K: BS4592 U.K: BS4360(43A) U.K: BS729
    Australia: AS1657 Australia: AS3679 Australia: AS1650

    1. Bearing bar pitches may be 12.5 to 15, 20, 30,32.5,34.3, 40,60mm,of which 30mm & 40mm are recommended. 
    2. Cross bar pitches may be 38,50,60, to 100mm, of which 50mm & 100mm are recommended. 
    3. Sign of the shape of bearing bars. F - Plain style (may be omitted in the symbol of steel grating); S - Serrated style; I – I-shape style 
    4. Sign of surface treatment. G - Hot galvanizing (may be omitted in the symbol of steel grating); P - Painted; U – untreated


    1. Light chemical industry/Petro-chemistry/Machinery industry/Textile chemistry/Port engineering
    2.Oil and grease chemistry/Agriculture husbandry/Horticulture/Steel industry/Waste disposale
    3.Food processing/Aquatic breeding/Fertiliazer industry/Phamaceutical industry/Parking lots
    4.Cement plants/Oil refinery/Mining and refinery/Power plants/Public utilties
    5.Marine engineering/Shipbuilding/Construction material industry/Defense projects/Airport projects
    6.Water plants/Sewage disposal/Paper and pulp industry/Construction industry/Transportation industry/Automotive industry
    Flooring  Catwalks  Mezzanines/decking  Stair tread  Fencing
    Vault bin floors  Ramps  Docks  Trench covers  Window and machinery safe guards 
    Entilation screens  Storage racks  Suspended ceiling  Drainage pit cover  Wash racks  

    Type of Steel Grating

    Comparison of Feature:

     ggb2  ggb3  ggb4

    Plain:One of the most widely used grating, available for flooring, sidewalk, dranage pit cover, stair tread, etc.

    Serrated:Better non-skid property & safety comparing to plain grating.

    I-shape:Lighter, more economical and practical comparing to plain grating.


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